EZRide Adjustable Bicycle Handlebar System
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The EZRide is a component that replaces the existing handlebar stem.

The EZRide has two primary functions. First, it acts as a front shock absorber. Two gas springs absorb much vibration while riding. In addition, it allows the rider to adjust the handlebar position up or down, while on the move!

The rider simply actuates a thumb lever, without having to move the his hands from the grips, can adjust the handlebars to any position within a 100 degree range.

The Inventor
My goal is to make riding a more comfortable experience.  
Jon Sullivan, JLS Design Works LLC.

The EZRIDE can be adjusted "On The Fly" to any position within a wide range. In addition, it is designed to absorb the shock of rough road.
The EZRIDE can be intstalled onto most bicycles witin 10 minutes. See the installation video under  "Description".
The Comfort Positon
When the back and shoulders begin to ache from a long ride, put the EZride in the up position.  This shifts your weight and relieves fatigied muscles.
The Neutral Position
The Aerodynamic Positon
This is where I ride the most.
When battling a headwind or trying to keep up wth the "fast crowd", put the EZRIDE down low in the fast positon.
More comfortable riding and the ability to change riding positions
 "On the Fly"

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Coming this summer for you EZRiders out there! The EZMount, An 'E Z' place to mount all of your accessory items without having to find room on your handlebar.
This attaches directly to the EZRide and holds light systems, tablets, cell phone holders, and cameras.  

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